Consumer guarantees on products and services:

Since 1 January 2011, the following consumer guarantees on products and services apply.

Products must be of acceptable quality, that is:

safe, lasting, with no faults look acceptable do all the things someone would normally expect them to do. Acceptable quality takes into account what would normally be expected for the type of product and cost.

Products must also:

  • match descriptions made by the salesperson, on packaging and labels, and in promotions or advertising 
  • match any demonstration model or sample you asked for be fit for the purpose the business told you it would be fit for and for any purpose that you made known to the business before purchasing
  • come with full title and ownership 
  • not carry any hidden debts or extra charges
  • come with undisturbed possession, so no one has a right to take the goods away or prevent you from using them
  • meet any extra promises made about performance, condition and quality, such as life time guarantees and money back offers 
  • have spare parts and repair facilities available for a reasonable time after purchase unless you were told otherwise.

Unreal Banana Peel provide a 30 day limited warranty, this warranty is limited up to and including only


  • Manufacture fault of board pressing ie layers not joined, or separation of layers from miss manufacture. 
  • Manufacture fault on trucks determined by assessment from Unreal Banana Peel only.
  • This warranty also covers warping, delamination, manufacture defects and overall craftsmanship. 


  • Breakage around the middle of the deck, grip tape, wheel wear, bearing wear 
  • Decks exposed to excessive moisture, i.e. decks ridden in the rain, mud, puddles, or snow.
  • Improper assembly of accessories or decks that have been modified including re-drilling of truck holes or re-shaped.
  • Intentional and deliberate attempts of breakage. Decks run over by any motorized or un-motorized vehicle. 
  • Normal wear and abuse including Chipping from ground, curbs, or walls Nose and Tail wear from repetitive ground or obstacle contact.

Refunds and Returns:

We are not required to provide a refund or replacement if you change your mind.